You’re Gonna Need Oxygen Comedy

The Vibe Collective : Real Talk. Real Music. Real Vibes. Each and every Saturday 3pm to 5pm on CIUT 89.5FM with Jamaias DaCosta aka. DJ Jams, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria Grant, and Adrian Worrell aka. DJ gryphen. THE VIBE COLLECTIVE IS AN ONGOING DIALOGUE ABOUT HIPHOP, ART, DECOLONIZATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, IDENTITY, CAPITALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE THINGS INTERSECT, FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR OF MUSIC TO MOVE YOU.



229 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2C1

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Anthony Engelbrecht – Smart, funny, self perceived ladies man, and expert on love, stubborn exterior, but kind hearted once u get to know him. Been doing comedy for over 3 years. Jamaican background, bricklayer by trade.


Hoodo Hersi – “Hoodo Hersi has been doing standup in her hometown of Toronto. She has performed at spots all over the city including The Nubian Disciples of Pryor Show at Yuk Yuks and competed in The Toronto Comedy Brawl.  In addition to that, she got to perform at The Underground Comedy Railroad Tour (the first all black Canadian comedy tour), Kosher Jokes for The Haladays (a show bringing Jewish and Muslim comics together). She was also nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund’s comedy showcase Fresh Meat, taped her first TV comedy special for No Kidding and was a member on the panel for The Inside Joke (both of which will be airing early next year). Finally, Hoodo will be appearing as a contestant on E! Channel’s Pop Quiz this fall!
‘Chris Rock in a hijab’ – blog T.O.”

Desmond Blackman, who is a videographer and one of the folks involved in this series is also coming through.

Playlist– DJ Gryphen

naila keleta mae – this is my rant
devi mounroe – broke ass
michee mee – cover girl
victoria grant – the struggle
adriana evans – river (honey for oshun)
tara chase – the northside
sa-roc – true mastery
cheyanne nicole – still believe

Playlist– DJ Jams

Black Dynamite f. Jean GraeShot Master
Matt FordCrown Chakra
Wio- KCruff
Natural Born StrangersJameson Ave
Junia TFor Dilla
Nyck Caution – Far f. Kirk Knight x TNah Apex x Dirty Sanchez
Mello Music Group
Supa Slackas – Stop Slackin
Phoenix PalliagciDearest Dilla
Black DynamiteNew Black Love f. Rapsody, MeLa Machinko
Rizzy AlberacciHigher Power
Crown A ThornzEmergency Destruct System




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