Victoria Grant – 47 Kisses Book Launch – David Delisca

The Vibe Collective : Real Talk. Real Music. Real Vibes. Each and every Saturday 3pm to 5pm on CIUT 89.5FM with DJ Jams, Jamaias DaCosta, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria Grant, and Adrian Worrell aka. DJ gryphen. THE VIBE COLLECTIVE IS AN ONGOING DIALOGUE ABOUT HIPHOP, ART, DECOLONIZATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, IDENTITY, CAPITALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE THINGS INTERSECT, FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR OF MUSIC TO MOVE YOU.

Today is our poetry show and our celebration of Forty-Seven Kisses Book Launch. Dazzling Lounge, 291 King St. West Toronto, Sunday, January 19th, 2014. 6pm-10pm.


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Writer • Performer • Spoken Word Artist • Erotic Poet

“I was 17 years old and looked at my son who was about to turn one. I didn’t have the financial means to buy him a gift. I couldn’t even buy him a birthday cake. I decided to take all the emotions I was feeling and give him the gift of heart-filled words poured out onto paper. I wrote my son a poem.”


And so began Victoria Grant’s poetic journey; developing her writing parallel to her growth from young lady to womanhood. Naturally an introvert and a shy person, Victoria never thought to share her words until fellow poet and friend, Yogi S., invited her to perform at a poetry show. It was the element of performing on stage that lit a spark within her. Since 2008, Victoria has been performing and headlining at various shows and events, mixing the art of story-telling and spoken word poetry to deliver powerful, sensual, thought provoking and soul stirring performances.

A survivor of sexual violation, Victoria found her voice and began to hone her craft in the area of erotic poetry. Realizing that there is nothing abnormal with survivors enjoying sex, Victoria found liberation in using erotic poetry to celebrate the body and her sexuality. November 2013 Victoria published her first book of erotic poems and short stories titled Forty-Seven Kisses. For the author, the title translates to intense intimacy. “All of the pieces in the book are about intense intimacy.”

Victoria will be releasing her first Spoken Word album “Poems and Love Letters” which will be a combination of her erotic and spoken word poetry. The release is slated for Spring 2014.


David Delisca
David is a Haitian-born entertainer. 4-time member of the Toronto Poetry Slam team. 2013 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word champion. Member of the spoken word collective 5 Fingers 1 Fist. Author of “I Grew Up Right Beside You”
David did not send a trilogy, that was it. So I am adding some links.
Regarding Keep It Goin’ He writes, “The idea for it stared during my genesis as an artist in Canada with all the adversity that was against me as a new artist trying to make a sustainable lifestyle doing what I love. As a new immigrant during that time, I had issues finding my stance while having financial issues and this is something that I am not the only one who relates to. New immigrants and new artist will suffer resistance but they are to trust their persistence and keep it goin to make it through.” 
Playlist- DJ Jams
victoria grantsense perception
m.anifestsomeway bi (prod yung fly)

the black operablack friday
teclawendy waldman
castlelighten up
sha stimuli & dynamite bruhz f. big pooh, j-livethe transition
rich kidd x tona x adam bomdno one knows my struggle
flying lotus f. shabazz palaceshide me
headnodz f. king reignhappy endings
joey bada$$ (dilla)two lips
scholars ent. f. the other guys, taurean m.c. of the caravan, d-sisive, and sadat xh.e.r.

Playlist- DJ Gryphen

amiri baraka why is we americans*ronnie jordan – the anti-dote
saul williamscodead language
naila keleta maegangsta rap
saukrates something for the streets
frankie payneclarity
xolisakahlil jibran on love
elaquentwhatever she wants
gigz feat afrakaren love inside
jill scott feat mos def love rain (remix)
mos def and  vinica mojica feat victoria grant – clHIMb


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