Freestyle Vibes (Ford Nation) and Special Guest DJ L’Oqenz

The Vibe Collective : Real Talk. Real Music. Real Vibes. Each and every Saturday 3pm to 5pm on CIUT 89.5FM with DJ Jams, Jamaias DaCosta, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria Grant, Luam Kidane, and Adrian Worrell aka. DJ gryphen. THE VIBE COLLECTIVE IS AN ONGOING DIALOGUE ABOUT HIPHOP, ART, DECOLONIZATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, IDENTITY, CAPITALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE THINGS INTERSECT, FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR OF MUSIC TO MOVE YOU.

Freestyle Vibes with the crew who speak on the Crack Scandal around the Mayor that has taken over City Hall. In Studio is Jamaias DaCosta, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria, Kemba King, and joining us in Studio is also DJ L’Oqenz.

Other Topics: Halloween, White Supremacy, Racism, Internalized Racism.


The Vibe Collective, Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Roundtable Discussion



Facebook: L’Oqenz
Twitter: LOqenz

Special Guest – DJ L’Oqenz

Gigz feat. aFraKarenLove Inside
Zaki Ibrahim- Tonight
Night Owl Naps Path to least Resistance
ISISNever Get Enough
Toronto City Riot No more Secrets
Shi WisdomTalk the L
Foreign Exchange f.Sly SmithRight after midnight
DisclosureSecond Chance


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