The Black Daddies Club

The Vibe Collective : Real Talk. Real Music. Real Vibes. Each and every Saturday 3pm to 5pm on CIUT 89.5FM with DJ Jams, Jamaias DaCosta, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria Grant, Luam Kidane, and Adrian Worrell aka. DJ gryphen. THE VIBE COLLECTIVE IS AN ONGOING DIALOGUE ABOUT HIPHOP, ART, DECOLONIZATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, IDENTITY, CAPITALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE THINGS INTERSECT, FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR OF MUSIC TO MOVE YOU.


Today we had Brandon Hay from The Black Daddies Club.


Website:  and ~ Facebook Open Group, Twitter: @BlkDaddiesClub

The Black Daddies Club (BDC) was founded in 2007 by Brandon Hay in response to the lack of forums and spaces for Black men to discuss parenting issues as well as the issues facing the Black Community as a whole. The main goal is to change the image of the black father in the media, from a neglectful figure to a responsible, involved and loving role model.

BDC mandate/guiding principles

  1. Develop a continuous support system for Black fathers to share their challenges and or experiences
  2. Host events featuring various speakers both high-profile and “everyday” people who can inspire and encourage positive practices for Black fathers and community members generally
  3. Work with the media to provide alternate images of Black fathers

The focus of the Black Daddies Club is to:

* Help fathers share their challenges with one another so eventually, loving, involved, black fathers will not seem like an exceptionality but rather the norm
* Break old cycles and replace with positive new cycles
* Mentorship program for students and “at risk youth” with their perfect jobs
* Students receive 40 hours community service towards high school credit
* To create a consistent productive forum for Black men and the community to speak about issues that effect the Black community, i.e. All black schools, learning how to invest”, becoming Mentally, Emotionally, and physically healthy, parenting and communicating with our kids, etc
* To become a monthly meeting and forum for the Black community
* A forum where journalist and writers of news media can elaborate on stories that they have published
* To create a comfortable environment where young black men can communicate productively and honestly amongst each other

These events will be in the format of a luncheon and Panel discussion; we also have a surprise guest speaker for each Black Daddies Club.

I welcome any comments or suggestions that you have.
Please upload any positive pictures displaying the black community.
We are looking for volunteers and mentors to assist with this initiative.


The Vibe Collective, Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Roundtable Discussion


Playlist- DJ Gryphen

georgia anne muldrow – lovelight
joey bada$$ – interlude 47
brassmunk – drive me crazy
jdilla feat black thought – reality tv
dela feat talib kweli – long life
theo 3 – clouds
rich kidd, adam bomb and tona – a gun and a pack of sandwiches
derek chistoff – the reunion tour
frankie payne feat theo3 – how do you make a monster

Playlist- DJ Jams

CastleUsual Politics
Nish Rawks Fred Wesley& the JBs
Mos Def f. Slick RickAuditorium
D.T (Malvern Spot)Good Times (Stars)
B.O.B.How to Rap
CJ FlyTug at War
Yancey BoysThe Fisherman
Dizzy WrightWorld Peace (Prod Rikio)
Smash BrovsChinese Swag
3D Natee –  Zimmerman





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