CaribbeanTales Toronto Film Showcase (13.08.24)

The Vibe Collective : Real Talk. Real Music. Real Vibes. Each and every Saturday 3pm to 5pm on CIUT 89.5FM with DJ Jams, Jamaias DaCosta, Mali DocuVixen, Kemba King, Victoria Grant, Luam Kidane, and Adrian Worrell aka. DJ gryphen. THE VIBE COLLECTIVE IS AN ONGOING DIALOGUE ABOUT HIPHOP, ART, DECOLONIZATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, IDENTITY, CAPITALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE THINGS INTERSECT, FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR OF MUSIC TO MOVE YOU.


This week we speak to Frances Anne Solomon Director of Caribbean Tales Toronto Film Showcase. Then the Collective goes into Freestyle Vibes. Topics: Ford at the Fan Expo, Ray J, Role of Multiculturalism in Canada, White Multiculturalism, Role of Multiculturalism in Colonization in Canada, Model Minority. 


CaribbeanTales is the trademark of a group of media companies, based in Canada and Barbados, founded by accomplished international filmmaker Frances-Anne Solomon.

– CaribbeanTales a Toronto-based not-for-profit production company. Founded in 2001, it is Canada’s premier multimedia company that produces, exhibits and distributes educational videos, radio programs, audio books, theatre plays, and websites drawn from stories of the Caribbean Diaspora.

  • Toronto Showcase and Incubator

This years Showcase at the CNE and Harbourfront.

August 17th-September 14th, 2013

– CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution Inc,  is the first full-service film distribution company in the English-speaking Caribbean, and aims to become the go-to solution for producers and buyers of Caribbean-themed content. Launched regionally in Barbados in May 2010, and internationally during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, the company now represent 85 films from the region and Diaspora.  As well as distribution, CTWD aims to provide co-production services to producers of Caribbean-themed content.

CaribbeanTalesTV –


CaribbeanTales-TV is a partnership between CaribbeanTales a Canadian-based educational multimedia company, and, an innovative German VOD platform owned and run by filmmakers. The aim is to provide a dynamic internet hub for Caribbean films, that is accessible to audiences worldwide.

The Vibe Collective, Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Roundtable Discussion


Playlist- DJ Jams

A HarmonyT.I.T.S (time is too short)
Exquire f. ThundercatButt Naked Baby Cupid (prod Thundercat)
Joey Bada$$Killumanati pt 2
Frankie PayneDangerous
Def Dee f. Magestik Legend, Jamall Bufford, Hassan Mackey – All it takes
B.O.B – How 2 Rap
Smash Brovaz Daydreamers Theme
Yancey Boys The Fisherman
LordQuest – Still in Line
Malik B & Mr. GreenDefinition
Five SteezI am (remx)

Playlist- DJ Gryphen

tupac – what do you believe in
frankie paynehow do you make a monster
ian kamauheading home
theo3that’s why i came
wio-k – cruff
king reign feat graph nobleking reign
generalscartown luv
kim davissometimes
kj believe
freedom writers feat mathematik and via linezmove on



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