The Alphabet Project in Turkey

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Jamaias DaCosta, Mali Docuvixen,  Adrian Worrell and Kemba King, speak to Bishara Mohamed about her upcoming Alphabet Project in Turkey.


The Alphabet Project

Language is always in flux and changes occur when encounters between different groups of people take place. Alphabets are not just written language, but also tools for writing language, recording it.  Language is tied to homeland, even when the language speakers are displaced. It is a form of remembering and keeping an identity intact.

I intend to research alphabets in the languages of the East Africa. I’m interested in the language that forms from alphabets and how they are written, recorded and then spoken. I will look at the Ge’ez Alphabet as well as alphabets that are used for other Indigenous languages in East Africa. Some of my interest comes from the Somali language itself and how the language was spoken for thousands of years, but the alphabet that was introduced to the language was in 1974 as a Latin based alphabet. There were a couple of attempts in the 1920s and 1930s to have an alphabet in Somalia from locals, Osmaniya and Borama. A portion of my wok will be dedicated to studying their contributions.  I intend to use this research to create an alphabet that is an amalgamation of languages and alphabets that exist in the area or perhaps to come up with something different.  This project would be new opportunities of learning these ways of writing for me as well as reclaiming how my language is written. Once this project is completed I plan on exhibiting the alphabet and doing alphabet tutorial videos in Toronto and in Mogadishu in my grandmother’s house.

This project is creating a new Somali alphabet, so I hope to reach all Somalis wherever they maybe.

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The Vibe Collective, Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Roundtable Discussion


Playlist- DJ Jams

Hawk HouseRound We Go
Smash BlovazPaper Planes
John RiverAll We Have
Phoenix PClass f ’93
Mr.KneaAre We On The Air
JWyseProverbs + Herbs
Joey BadassWaves

Playlist- DJ Gryphen

Ian Kamau- Summer in the City
Rich KiddI’d be lying
KJ feat. Brendan PhillipLife
Smash Blovaz feat Rich Kidd It was all a dream
Moka OnlyHelp Us
Bigg SoxxSouring To Heaven
KJ Repeat
DJ AngelsAfrica
Subliminal + Dre MunroeOne
Phoenix Pagliacci- Phoenix + Co

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